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How to Beat the Heat!

Florida Heat
Posted July 27 2011 12:29 PM by KevinDiOssi 
Filed under: Editorials, Kevin DiOssi

 95-degree weather + black interior - A/C = painful...

I've been driving our project '99 T/A around for the past month since the GTO has been out of commission. (STAY TUNED ON A BIG UPDATE WITH THE GOAT) This car didn't have a functioning A/C system and the heat generated from the sun on earth has been absolutely ridiculous.

Needless to say, I got to work on fixing this. First on the list was to find out why the air wouldn't blow out of the vents. After some research, I found out that the A/C system defaults to defrost mode when there is no vacuum to open/close the doors. The LS2 intake didn't have the vacuum line hooked up in the back where it should be. I modified a vaccum fitting we had lying around and got it to work. Sadly, blowing hot air on me was an improvement!

Next was to get it cold. I added a full-size can of refrigerant from the auto parts store and it didn't solve the problem. Depressed and hot, I just dealt with it. Then, my friend and owner of the car, Chris Kirchner, suggested I try another can. Sure enough, this worked but only temporarily. After two days the Bird was back to breathing fire.

At this point I have around $80 invested into creating comfort in a project car, and with my GTO about to get back on the road, I don't plan to proceed any further with it. Chris and I will dig into the car and find out what the problem could be and maybe let everyone know what the deal is. If it's something we thing readers could benefit from we may even do an article on it.

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High Performance Pontiac
High Performance Pontiac