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The World's Most Accurate Delorean Back to the Future Time Machine at auction
Posted October 28 2010 07:35 AM by Chris Phillip 
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 If you're a fan of John Delorean's Delorean sports car, the star of Back to the Future, get ready to grab a piece of Hollywood history at an upcoming Profiles in History auction.

 Actual props from Back to the Future will be offered for sale on November 6, 2010.

The big enchilada:

59.  The most technically accurate reproduction of the iconic DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future ever built. 
(Universal, 1985) This DeLorean Time Machine replica is the most faithful and technically accurate reproduction of the iconic DeLorean Time
Machine from Back to the Future ever built.  Joe Walser’s goal was to create the world’s most accurate replica which not only captured the look,
but also the soul of the hero car.  He assembled a team of the most talented and dedicated prop builders in the community to create the car.  It
took the original production builders, headed by Special Effects Coordinator, Kevin Pike, ten weeks to build the three cars they used during
production of Back to the Future.  It took Mr. Walser and his team four years to replicate it.  Due to the extreme rarity of the actual screen-accurate
vintage parts on this vehicle (only one of many of them has ever been found), another replica of this accuracy can never be achieved again. 
Mr. Walser officially began the build by locating the exact model DeLorean required for an accurate conversion; a 1981, grey interior, 5-speed. 
Much of the four years of this project was spent researching the original vehicles, and searching for and identifying the exact original vintage
aircraft, military and electronics surplus parts used to build the original screen-used DeLorean Time Machines.  Many of the parts on this car are
not only the same vintage components as used on the screen-used cars, but literally sister parts from the same exact source.  The car incorporates
an original vintage TRW keypad (exactly like the one Doc punched in the destination date on in the screen-used car), the ultra-rare military
Cannon connector elbows;  five size 20, and three size 32 (the only three that have ever been found), the Janitrol aircraft fuel heater tank that is
now found on the outside of the Time Machine’s bulkhead behind the driver’s seat, the Mole Richardson 100 amp connectors and ¾ in. electri-
cal cable that runs down both sides of the car as well as the rare Hydraflow hoses.  Among many other vintage Time Machine components, the
unmistakable Torrin double blower (located inside the Time Machine on the bulkhead) and a rare H.P. graph recorder driver amplifier found on
the rear deck and the 2 in. black vintage nuclear reactor aircraft hose.  So much attention to detail was put into this build that even the welder that
assembled the engine cover, nuclear reactor and vents was provided detailed maps and was instructed to follow the original direction of the weld
beads on the screen-used car.  All of the aluminum construction on this conversion is exact and all of the dimensions and specs were taken directly
from the original screen-used DeLorean Time Machine, as were all of the correct mounting positions for every Time Machine component. 
One of the most awe-inspiring upgrades done to the car was also one of the most difficult to achieve.  Fully functional CO2 vents that not only
blow CO2, but blow it big, white and dense - exactly like it did in the movie.  Movie magic enabled the effects team certain liberties - someone
actually sitting in the car triggering a CO2 fire extinguisher with hoses running to the vents.  This replica is outfitted with a rig that is consider-
ably higher tech.  A pair of ultra rare 24 volt 1500 PSI cryogenic rated high volume rocket solenoids.  Only two matching solenoids of this type
have been located and they’re both on this vehicle.  They are wired to a safety toggle on the side of the center console time circuit switch box
which also houses the rechargeable 24 volt battery.  Two large 20 pound CO2 tanks located in the trunk run each to their own vent through
extremely high pressure stainless steel hoses.  The solenoids are triggered together and the effect is dazzling.  Mr. Walser’s team was extremely suc-
cessful in reverse engineering integral parts and created the first truly accurate and functional nuclear reactor and core.  Both the core and the lid
were machined from same material, assembled and welded using the exact methods as the original production team.  A truly once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity to own a drivable and complete DeLorean Time Machine.  A more complete list of components and comprehensive description is
available upon request.  $80,000 – $120,000 (estimate)

For more information, see it and other Back to the Future movie props up for sale at

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