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How Far We've Come

Progress, at its Finest
Posted September 16 2008 12:56 PM by KevinDiOssi 
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The introduction of technology into your Pontiac.

Many people might frown at the thought of technology. Computers have become a way of life. When they were first introduced to us as a no-so-user-friendly personal computer, I don't think anyone could have imagine how much they would impact our life.

I commonly encounter people who are so against fuel injection systems that they go as far as bashing it. Well, say what you will. Without fuel injection, Pontiac wouldn't be where it is now. 415hp and well over 20 miles to a gallon of petrol. That isn't something anyone could have ever imagined during the '60s and '70s. Fuel injection has come a long way since its mechanical days and the latest is direct injection. Direct injection injects the fuel, as the name suggests, directly into the combustion chamber. This reduces wasted energy, increasing fuel efficiency and power. As this new technology becomes more widespread, I feel we will only see power numbers slowly rise while the real benefits will be seen in fuel efficiency.

Also, there has been some experimenting with a dieseling internal combustion system that runs on ethanol, petroleum, and E85. It's being developed by GM, actually. We can only hope they sort out some of the issues they have been experiencing with this and can give us something as soon as possible.

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High Performance Pontiac
High Performance Pontiac